Kitchen Duties

What’s better than a burger and fries at the ballpark?  Bob’s Kitchen is a key ingredient in the success and enjoyment of our ballpark.  Volunteer efforts by players’ parents are the reason that Trail Minor Baseball continues to operate Bob’s Kitchen. 

As in past years - parents of Major, Minor and Rookie division players will be required to take their turn in the concession.  For Assigned Kitchen Duties this year, parents will be required to take two shifts during the regular season plus one special event shift (playoff, opening day, etc).  Each shift will be approximately 2 hours long.  These shifts are to be completed for each player registered (not ‘per family’).  A $75 cheque or cash deposit will be collected at the start of the season (during Evaluations), which will only be returned once ALL required shifts are completed.

Kitchen duties involve:

  • Help prepare food (cut tomatoes, wash lettuce, etc), put coffee on, and do general organization.
  • Working the sales counter, run the grill when possible, and assist the Concession Manager as needed.
  • General cleanup of the kitchen and grill, after the game has ended.

Bathroom cleanup is not an expected kitchen duty. 

Exemptions from Kitchen Duties:

- Parents who volunteer to be a regular full time coach in the Major and Minor divisions.

- Parents who volunteer to be a head coach in the Rookie division.

- Parents who volunteer to be a regular assistant coach in the Rookie division will have 1 Kitchen Duty waived.

- Parents who volunteer for an Executive role with Trail Minor Baseball. 

A Kitchen Duty online volunteer sign-up will be distributed to all players once the season schedule is complete at the end of April.

The concession committee is also looking for volunteers with Food Safe Level 1 who may be willing to help open/close – if you are interested please circle ‘Concession Open/Close’ at the bottom of the season registration form.