All 7-12 year olds are required to attend an evaluation session.  The evaluations serve two purposes:

- allow players to be placed in a division where they will improve as an athlete and find the most success

- allow teams to be split fairly within each division

Sessions will be up to 2 hours long, and are scheduled at Andy Bilesky Park as follows:

7-8 Year Olds (born September 1 2008 to August 31 2010):   April 3rd, 5pm

9-10 Year Olds (born September 1 2006 to August 31 2008):   April 4th and 5th, 5pm (players must attend both sessions)

11-12 Year Olds (born May 1 2004 to August 31 2006):   April 6th and 7th, 5pm (players must attend both sessions)

If a player is sick and can’t make an evaluation day, please contact Scott Wallace and we will try to arrange for an alternate day to attend.